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Herdsman / Herdswoman

Arrawatta Station requires a person to manage day- to-day operations on behalf of the owners, in a way that continues the tradition, established over centuries, of the herdsman.​


The defining characteristic of the herdsman is a deep love of and empathy with the cattle under his or her care and at Arrawatta we place much higher emphasis on this than any other qualifications.​

While the life of a herdsman is one many dream about, the reality of the job is more physically and mentally challenging than most realize. It requires an individual who is prepared to dedicate themselves to the management, decision making and improvement of a specific herd.


At Arrawatta, we recognize that our Native Angus® cattle have historical as well as commercial significance and that it is our privilege to care for them. They are our central focus and everything we do is aimed at improving their welfare and the environment we provide for them.


Operations at Arrawatta cover the entire spectrum of ranching, from breeding to feeding to handling from birth to market, and the herdsman has oversight of and responsibility for all of these.

Specific responsibilities include -

  • Managing a breeding program including working with our partner veterinarians in using artificial insemination and embryo transfer for stud and commercial cattle

  • Managing birthing and calving programs

  • Identifying sick animals and administering proper care and/or calling the veterinarian

  • Implementation of low stress stock handling methods in paddock and yard operations

  • Management of cattle health, welfare and fitness for pregnancy, birthing and successful sale

  • Grazing management based on principles of regenerative agriculture

  • Transportation of animals to abattoir or market

  • Preparation of animals for stud sales

  • Planning and management of pasture improvement based on principles of regenerative agriculture

  • Operation of equipment for pasture management including mowers, planters, spreaders, sprayers and agricultural drones

  • Developing forward requirements for  infrastructure improvements including water, fencing and storage and assisting the Infrastructure Manager to formulate implementation plans

  • Assisting with infrastructure construction, repair and maintenance as required, including operating heavy equipment

  • Training other staff in all aspects of station operations

  • Management and supervision of other staff engaged in station operations

  • Keeping thorough records for stud and commercial cattle

  • Communicating with the station owners on a regular basis


At Arrawatta, the herdsman's role is very much hands-on. The herdsman must be capable of working both independently and as part of a team, directing staff or assisting other staff or contractors.

We provide support to the herdsman in the form of "junior herdsmen", as well as a highly competent Infrastructure Manager who has at his disposal all equipment required for farm operations and improvement. We also work with first class advisors on genetics, cattle health and management, AI and ET programs, and regenerative agriculture.


As stated, the core requirement for a herdsman at Arrawatta is a deep love of cattle and a desire to care for them. We recognize that some of the skills needed in a herdsman may require development, and we are prepared to assist with appropriate mentoring and provision of training.


So if this is a career you would enjoy, please contact us.

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