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Arrawatta Station Foundation Sires

Evesund of Dupplin.JPG

Evesund of Dupplin, sire of Dunlouise Jipsey Uprising, is the phenotype bull for the Arrawatta herd.

We are building our stud program around his genetics, ensuring his great qualities are, as far as is possible, retained in future generations of our stud herd.

This cornerstone sire in the Dunlouise breeding program is widely regarded as one of the top breeding bulls of his generation.

Evesund of Dupplin twice reigned as the prestigious Supreme Champion at the Royal Highland Agricultural Society Show when he won those honors in 1978 and 1979, and was admired as a model of modern Angus breeding while carrying a 100% native origin pedigree.


His paternal grandsire, Rambler of Newcroft, was a great breeding bull considered by many to be generations ahead of his time.

His dam carried forward the prolific Evergreen branch of the Erica family. His many prominent progeny in the Dunlouise program include the Genex proven sire Dunlouise Excalibur Y070 and his full siblings Dunlouise Evesund
Y069 and Dunlouise Eve, as well as Dunlouise Engineer K358, Dunlouise Emma B070, Dunlouise Cherry Blossom K363, Dunlouise Kailey K360, Dunlouise Nell G253, Dunlouise Nobleman P552 and many others.

Evesund of Dupplin is a known red gene carrier.

Jipsey Uprising.jpg

Dunlouise Jipsey Uprising

is the latest rising star in the Dunlouise herd and will have an immense influence in the Arrawatta herd.

His sire is the incomparable Evesund of Dupplin, twice Royal Highland Supreme Champion, and his dam is Dunlouise Jipsey Girl, who is the result of mating the Genex proven sire Dunlouise Cortachy Boy D137 with a maternal sister to the dam of the Genex proven sire Dunlouise Jipsey Earl.

Dunlouise Jipsey Uprising is line bred to Evesund of Dupplin, Eblis of Classlochie and Rambler of Newcroft. He is descended from the phenomenal mother/daughter pair, Jipsey Nova of Cannahars and Cannahars Jipsey Yoko. These two were the foundation in the Dunlouise program of the Jipsey family, one of the very best and rarest families in existence in the breed.

A further great grandparent is Champagne Cherry Bee, the crown jewel of the prolific herd sire producing Cherry Blossom family and the dam of the Genex proven sires Dunlouise Cortachy Boy, Dunlouise Commander Bond and Dunlouise Cup Bearer.

Jipsey Earl .png

Dunlouise Jipsey Earl

Dunlouise Jipsey Earl E161 is internationally the most successful UK bred bull ever and is a Pathfinder Sire in America, the only UK bull ever awarded this status.


“Dunlouise Jipsey Earl E161 has earned an impressive Milk EPD of +42 in America which ranks him in the top fraction of one percent among 23,448 current sires evaluated in the American Angus Association database by measure of the outstanding productivity of his daughters who also consistently combine excellent fleshing ability, natural thickness, structural soundness, early puberty, breed character and their own distinctive look of quality.


Although he was bred and selected for the desirable attributes of his 100% native Scotch pedigree rather than by EPDs, he has also emerged as a unique proven sire with positive rankings for multiple other traits as well including calving-ease, fertility, docility, muscle and moderate mature size. Now more than ever, this living legend is established as a true one-of-a-kind bull with no peer in the Aberdeen-Angus breed.”

(Kurt Schaff, Angus Hall of Fame MO, USA)

His sire is the great breeding bull, Betro of Classlochie, and he shares the same sire of his powerful grandam, Cannahars Jipsey Yoko Y485, with a pedigree which also traces four times to Rambler of Newcroft, twice to Rockie of Woodview and once to his full brother, Woodview Rorie, and five times to the Bethrothed family.


Dunlouise Cup Bearer

“Dunlouise Cup Bearer H283 is quite possibly the greatest individual bull ever produced in the Dunlouise program. 

Powerfully constructed and heavy muscles, he represents the finest of the Scotch breeding”.

(Quote from the Angus Legends special edition set)

Dunlouise Cup Bearer H283 is the second-generation Genex proven sire who blends the best of the Cherry Blossom and Jipsey families from the mating of the Genex sire Dunlouise Jipsey Earl E161 from the incomparable Champagne Cherry Bee B117. A powerful individual with added muscling, stoutness and correctness, Dunlouise Cup Bearer H283 is following in his sire’s footsteps as a great breeding bull. Dunlouise Cup Bearer H283 is a known red gene carrier who ranks in the top 1% for $Energy ($EN) through Angus Herd Improvement Records (AHIR) in America.


One of the unique and widely admired bulls ever produced in the Dunlouise program, Dunlouise Commander Bond is a popular member of the trio of maternal brothers to have served in the Dunlouise herd sire battery as well as the Genex AI Stud after being collected at the renowned Cogent facility.

In America, he has more than 500 progeny recorded in the Angus Herd Improvement Records (AHIR) program along with more than 80 progeny evaluated by ultrasound and more than 125 daughters in production, ranking him in the most elite 1% for both Calving-Ease Direct (CED) and $Energy ($EN), along
with a Birth Weight (BW) EPD in the lowest 10%.

Cortachy Boy A.JPG

Dunlouise Cortachy Boy is the first of three proven maternal brothers who have served as herd sires in the Dunlouise program and as featured members of the Genex AI Stud where they enjoyed international admiration.

This son of the famous Champagne Cherry Bee B117 by Ashley Eular is a proven calving-ease and high marbling sire who ranks in the top 1% for $Energy ($EN), with nearly 750 progeny recorded in the Angus Herd Improvement Records (AHIR) program in America along with more than 200 progeny evaluated by ultrasound and more than 200 daughters in production.

Red Native.JPG

A noted member of the Genex AI Stud, Dunlouise Red Native represents an outstanding genetic alternative for Red Angus cattle with 100% native origin roots. His sire, Prattle of Haymount, stems from a prestigious sire lineage and is backed by a dam by the famous Banner of Belladrum.


Dunlouise Red Native F207 carries forward the Nell cow family from a dam by the Genex sire Dunlouise Excalibur Y070, stemming from Budgehill Nena Z008, a maternal sister to the Dunlouise foundation female Budgehill Nena Y588.

Red Eddard Geordie.jpg

Dunlouise Red Eddard is a powerful bull, with illustrious grandfathers  Evesund of Dupplin on his father's side and Dunlouise Cup Bearer on his mother's side, tracing also to internationally acclaimed Angus Pathfinder, Dunlouise Jipsey Earl.

Evesund of Duppin was the twice Royal Highland Show winner in the 1970s. Eddard’s maternal side also includes the great Cherry Bee B117 and Dunlouise Emma BO70.


Roberto of Newcroft.JPG

Roberto of Newcroft, a son of Ruby 5th of Newcroft, was used in the Dunlouise breeding

The extremely rare Ruby family in the Dunlouise program stems from Ruby 5th of Newcroft who was acquired at 11 years of age by Geordie Soutar to serve as a foundation donor. She stems from a third dam who is a full sister to the great breeding bull Rambler of Newcroft, descending from the noted Ruby of Loanhead.

Newman B.jpg

A perfect example of traditional Aberdeen Angus type - trim, thick, deep and wide, Dunlouise Newman has an utterly unique and rare pedigree.

He is sired by Jubilant 2nd of Bohey, who was marketed fifty years ago by the National Cattle Breeding Center A.I. stud in Ireland and was first introduced into the Dunlouise breeding program more than 50 years after his birth.


The dam of this bull is by Parsee of Doonholm while the grandam is a daughter of Dunlouise Commander Bond from the Dunlouise foundation female Budgehill Nena Y588.

Mr Brexit and friends.jpg

Dunlouise Mr Brexit is a man on a mission. He is a long and powerful bull with a frame score that is a little lower than most and so is ideally suited to bring the phenotypes in our commercial beef herd into line with that of the Native Angus®.

He is descended from his grandparent, Generic of Cavan who is one of the earliest AI sires in UK history. This grand old sire features a pedigree that brings forward the names of several of the most highly respected herds in Aberdeen-Angus history, namely Cavan, Belladrum, Haymount, Kinermony, Gaidrew and Douneside.

Generic of Cavan is from the immortal sire lineage that traces to the legendary Paragon of Haymount.

Generic of Cavan has been introduced into the Dunlouise breeding program, along with his son Rupert of Lislimnaghan, more than half of a century after their births.

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