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Native Angus®  - the blueprint of the breed

Key Characteristics


As described by the Rare Breeds Survival Trust (for UK Native Angus®)

  • They are a hardy breed, suited to out wintering.

  • They are usually docile and easily managed.

  • Cows are long-lived, fertile and maternal.

  • Cows can produce calves up to 12-14 years old.

  • Angus and Angus cross calves are smaller at birth and so bulls are much in demand for use on heifers and for producing beef from the dairy herd.

  • Animals of the non-imported bloodlines tend to be shorter in the leg and considerably blockier than the modern Angus.

  • They are usually black but there are some red animals.

  • Animals are polled, meaning they have no horns.

  • Cows usually weigh around 550kg and bulls 850kg.

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