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Arrawatta Station Stud Herd

Our prior experience with Australian Lowline cattle, perhaps the breed with genetics closest to those of the Native Angus®, led us to consider the potential of genetics which were optimized for production of grass fed and finished beef.

Which led us to Native Angus®...

Which in turn led us to Dunlouise stud in Angus, Scotland, and Geordie and Julia Soutar...

Which was as far as we needed to go.

Geordie and Julia with friends...

By 2017, Geordie and Julia had been working for over two decades to revive the Native Angus® population. They had a clear vision and steadfast determination to build an outstanding herd with pedigrees that can be continuously traced back to the origin of the Angus breed, with no imported bloodlines.

Through generations of both calculated and experimental breeding, the best of the herd had been identified and propagated. The result was a herd rich in classic Aberdeen Angus qualities, a sterling example of the finest qualities of the breed - fertility, maternal function, fleshing ability, soundness, longevity and superior eating quality. And all based on a low-input diet devoid of grain and supplements, just as had been the case with Aberdeen Angus for centuries prior to the modern influence of genetic modifications.

With Geordie's expert guidance, we were able to establish our Native Angus® herd based on some of Dunlouise's legendary sires and dams, many famous in their own right and all tracing back to the great Native Angus® of the recent (and not so recent) past. And again with Geordie's guidance, we have augmented our initial genetics with the best of the cattle Dunlouise has subsequently produced.

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