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The Native Angus® story is one of humble beginnings centuries ago in the glens of Scotland. From those glens they were exported to every country on earth that runs cattle, becoming the predominant breed globally. Ironically, their very success led them to the brink of extinction, as in the 1970s in North America their original genetics were infused with those of larger framed breeds and exported back to their homeland.


By 1995, only a handful with unaltered original genetics survived.

Through generations of line breeding - keep the best, eat the rest - Scots farmers had developed in their herds the classic qualities which built the reputation of the original Aberdeen Angus breed - fertility, maternal function, fleshing ability, soundness, longevity and superior eating quality. Then within a few decades, the North American quest for economic efficiency based on the feedlot system saw these qualities lost or diminished worldwide. Superior eating quality was replaced in importance by frame score and rapid growth on grain as the genetics of the Aberdeen Angus breed were modified.

Fortunately, the efforts of the Rare Breed Survival Trust, the Aberdeen Angus Cattle Society and Geordie and Julia Soutar of Dunlouise Farm in Angus, Scotland saved the Native Angus® from likely extinction. Their precious genetics - the blueprint of the breed - are still in danger but have been preserved for now.


Generation after generation, Native Angus® have been bred to produce magnificent beef on forage. Our goal at Arrawatta Station is to use these preserved genetics along with some of the very best Australian grasslands to produce the ultimate in grass fed and finished beef.

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